Good Health

At oakwellbarns all our work revolves around actively promoting good health. Please join us in a Direction of Good Health

-We recognise that good health is built upon daily habits of thought, speech and action.
-We model respect to ourselves, others and our environment.
-We have a septic tank for our waste and do not use chemicals for cleaning or washing and ask that none are brought on site.
– We recognise and joyfully contribute to the work of the moment, day, week, seasons and work as a team.                                                                                                                                  -We take off our outdoor shoes & change into our slippers and wash our hands when we come into the home.

-We dress appropriately for the weather and wear boots, coats, hats and scarves in windy or cold weather. We emphasize the importance of staying warm and teach this to our children as young children are often unable to judge the need to stay warm for themselves and this is when chills are easily caught.

-We wash our hands after using the toilet and before cooking and eating and after playing with animals.

– Out of respect to each other we stay away from the group when we are ill; some people have lowered immunity and what could be a 2 day cold to one child could result in severe bronchitis for another. To show our caring to one another by not passing on our infections we practice the following:

-We cancel the group if we are ill or have had sickness or contact with someone contagious in the last 12 hours. We ask you also to do the same. If you are unsure whether your child is well enough to attend or would like support managing your child’s illness, please call us.

-We do not subscribe to the commonly held belief that toddlers need to get lots of coughs/colds/bugs to build up their immunity.

Threadworm which is very common in children (mainly picked up from animals and soil) is weakening and debilitating longterm to the health of the child. Therefore we encourage good health practices, such as washing hands after playing with animals.

We believe that if a child is ill then they need to be nurtured and cared for at home. Here they can be nursed through their illness and watched closely, being responded to appropriately through each passing stage. In the secure environment of home they can be kept warm, rested and have minimal stimulation.  This will give insights into the nature and transformation opportunities of the illness, illness will move through quicker, and the child will evolve into the next stage of their development with a stronger root and recover more quickly and completely.

In over 21 years of raising children this way, with the aid of Chinese herbal medicine, Tui-na massage techniques and food appropriate to stages of the illness, we have not needed to use allopathic medicines at all. No anti-biotics, calpol, vaccinations or medications of any kind. For more information on treatment and management of childhood illnesses using these methods please contact Apricot Forest