HE-DS Home Educating your child with Down’s syndrome

HE-DS Group – Home Education and Down’s syndrome

This group is for families who are home educating a child with Down’s syndrome or who are considering doing so. Our purpose is to link families who are spread out geographically over large distances and who want to connect with each other through discussing and sharing information, issues, experience and resources related to home educating their child with Down’s syndrome.

Our personal approach’s core is learning through relationships with the natural world and with one another. Our two youngest daughters have never been to school, they make award winning annual documentaries about their lives together.

Click here to watch: My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome) Episode 8 on vimeo on demand

Click here to watch My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome) The first 7 films from Agi K

To join our private Home Education facebook group please email us via the contact us page you will then be sent an invitation to join.

There are many different approaches to  education outside of school and many different reasons for choosing to home educate. Some of our children have never been to school, some have been to school but are now being educated outside of school, some are flexi-schooled and some delay school starting age.  We welcome diversity and respect each others’ differing viewpoints and uphold the right to choose as parents the best way to educate our children.

Regarding legal information and advice we recommend contacting Education Otherwise and the Down’s Syndrome Association We are affiliated to the D.S.A.

We also hold HE-DS weekend family gatherings  from time to time here at oakwellbarns.

To register your interest & for more information about the next gathering, please email us via our  contact us page.

Consultation and Mentoring

If you would like to book a consultation with Anita about Home Education or Parenting, either by phone, skype, or face to face then please enquire via the contact page.

In a consultation we support you to visualise your own home education journey, looking at tools to fulfil each person’s needs and dreams and achieve a balanced family life. To see films of how our particular home education works in practice with siblings living and learning together go to www.agik.co.uk